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Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot of the captor is a small resource, software screenshot Captor easiest allows you to capture images in various ways, ranging from the active window size fixed, engaging items, scrolling windows (large attachment to your site from above Down), and even the entire workspace, which means that if you have multiple monitors, you can capture a screen image in the Captor (feature () («review-app-Page-Desktop»);}); But the best is still coming: Screenshot Kaptor includes an excellent set of filters and special effects for your Screenshots: frames, edges, shading effect, fog sex and much more. http://www.
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I tried both and they were really happy with the results, although the program and override more details also found some good tools for the screenshot Kaptori, such as the Power Otoka thumbnails image or sliding lens, which can go for a reading and with a tsess 999%. Actually you’ll see every pixel in the picture! The program also has the Task Bar options, and a really nice mini-interface, if you take a screenshot, both of which do their work a lot of the master may feel, but give them a space, it’s really worth it!-Dozens of movie preview video The lefthand looks that it’s programchanges View, talk screencast video movies that shows this program